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Problem in OA framework while using jdeveloper in oracle apps 11.5.10 [message #350730] Fri, 26 September 2008 01:17
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We are using correct version of Jdeveloper, Our client is on RUP5. So, we have downloaded the Patch 6012619 9IJDeveloper With OA Extension ARU FOR 11i10 RUP5.

We have done following setups:
1. We copied pon (application short name) folder from $COMMON_TOP/java/oracle and copied it to to my projects.
2. We copied mds folder from $APPL_TOP/pon/mds and copied to myclasses and renamed it as pon
3. We copied common and security folders from $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps and pasted it to myclasses\oracle.

We created a new workspace and project with the name pon.

Now whenever we are going to compile the files it is giving following errors:

1. method getLoginURL not found in class oracle.apps.fnd.common.WebAppsContext
2. method getRecreateURL(java.lang.String) not found in class oracle.apps.fnd.common.WebAppsContext
3. incompatible types; found: oracle.apps.fnd.security.UserPwd, required: java.lang.String []

Main problem is that in code other methods of class oracle.apps.fnd.common.WebAppsContext are working fine only these two methods (getRecreateURL, getLoginURL) are giving error.

The code is

void handleValidationFailure ( HttpServletRequest req,
HttpServletResponse res,
WebAppsContext ctx,
String cookieVal,
JspWriter o )
throws java.io.IOException

// Check whether it failed because the session status was EXPIRED
printErrorStack (o, ctx);
String sessionStatus = ctx.checkSession(cookieVal);//No Error
o.println("Session status: "+ sessionStatus+"<BR>");

// if validation failed because the session expired, give the
// user a chance to revalidate.
if ( sessionStatus.equalsIgnoreCase("EXPIRED") )
// call recreateURL to get the fully qualified URL used for
// reconnecting.
ResourceStore resStore = ctx.getResourceStore();
String expiredMsg =
resStore.getResourceText("FND", "FND_SESSION_ICX_EXPIRED_RELOAD");

String recreateURL = ctx.getRecreateURL(cookieVal);//Error
String HTMLout = WebRequestUtil.getLaunchPage(recreateURL);


// otherwise go to the login page.
String loginURL = ctx.getLoginURL();//Error res.sendRedirect(loginURL);

Please suggest what may be the possible reasons for that.[/FONT]
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