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Remove Site from Replication Stream Environment [message #361406] Wed, 26 November 2008 05:15
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I need to remove a replicated site from an Oracle Stream Replication Environment: the configuration is an "Hub and Spoke" environment, with the primary database being the hub (let's call it "COREDB") and n secondary databases (let's call them "REMOTE1" .."REMOTEn") being the spokes.
I've got one queue on the COREDB (called COREDB_QUEUE), popualted by a capture process (that capture dml and ddl of some tables), and n propagation processes to the n REMOTE sites; n apply processes (one for each remote site) to apply captured messages from remote sites.
On each remote site there are one queue (called "from_coredb"), an apply process (called "Apply_from_coredb") that dequeues from the queue "from_coredb", a capture process (called "capture_remote_i") that enqueues in a queue ("captured_remotei"), and finally a propagation to the coredb ("to_coredb") that enqueues in a queue ("from_remotei") on the coredb.
It's a classical "hub and spoke" configuration.
I have to remove a replicated site but I didn't find any informations about doing it.
So I tried to remove the propagation to the remote site I need to remove, then I drop the queue and the apply process (on coredb) used to apply messages originating from the remote site.
It seems everything ok but when I select the V$buffered_subscribers, I find one line: subscirber_name=null,subscriber_address="STRMADMIN"."FROM_COREDB"@REMOTEi.WORLD,protocol=0,subscriber_type=PROXY.
I tried to remove subscriber using DBMS_AQADM.REMOVE_SUBSCRIBER but the procedure raises error ora-24035 (probably becaue the subscriber hasn't got a subscriber_name).
I need to know: is it a problem or i can continue work? I'm afraid that, having this subscriber present could cause the queue table (the queue table of the queue COREDB_QUEUE) to fill of spilled message from memory because there're not all the n subscribers but only n-1.
Thank you
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