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I am using Oralce Designer on Windows XP Professional SP3 v3264. I am a part of a team developing an asset management and monitoring application.

I have a form which should be showing data from table AMM_POSAOD in hierarchical way. So I designed the form with 3 blocks. First one is TREE_BLK with a tree item, the second one (AMM_POSAOD) is showing details of the selected node in the tree and the third one (DUGMAD) is showing two buttons.

My problem is that form random freezes so that you can't do anything on it except selecting tree nodes. Even tool-bar and menu of the application doesn't work. Form works again if you restart the application, but it can freeze like I described above in any moment. Usually this happens right after you call the form from menu.

Java console output after freeze:
Oracle JInitiator: Version
Using JRE version Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
Forms Applet version is :

Exception occurred during event dispatching:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: oracle.forms.ui.TreeDataSource.getData(): illegal index
	at oracle.forms.ui.TreeDataSource.getData(Unknown Source)
	at oracle.forms.ui.TreeFactory.createItem(Unknown Source)

I populate TREE_BLK in WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger.
  hTree         ITEM;
   v_Ignore      NUMBER;
   rg_emps       RECORDGROUP;
   Where_Clause  VARCHAR2(4000);
  Where_Clause := 'status = ''A''';
  IF :parameter.p_Lov_Mode = 1 THEN
    IF :parameter.p_Where_Clause IS NOT NULL  THEN
      Where_Clause := Where_Clause
                      ||' and ' ||: Parameter.p_Where_Clause;
    END IF;
  hTree := Find_Item('tree_blk.tree');
  rg_emps := Create_Group_From_Query('rg_emps','select 1,level,naziv,null,POSAOD_PK
                                                    from AMM_POSAOD p1 where '
                                                    start with 
                                                    (SELECT p2.POSAOD_PK
                                                    FROM amm_posaod p2
                                                    WHERE '
                                               ||' and p2.POSAOD_PK = p1.POSAOD_POSAOD_PK_NAD) IS NULL
                                                    connect by prior POSAOD_PK = 
                                                       (SELECT p2.POSAOD_PKFROM amm_posaod p2 WHERE '
                                               ||' and p2.POSAOD_PK = p1.POSAOD_POSAOD_PK_NAD)');
  v_Ignore := Populate_Group(rg_emps);

I populate second block in WHEN-TREE-NODE-SELECTED trigger of the tree.
  Node_Value             VARCHAR2(512);
   blk_Id                 BLOCK;
   ExistIng_Where_Clause  VARCHAR2(512);
   New_Where              VARCHAR2(512);
  Node_Value := fTree.Get_Tree_Node_Property('TREE_BLK.TREE',:system.Trigger_Node,fTree.Node_Value);
  blk_Id := Find_Block('AMM_POSAOD');
  ExistIng_Where_Clause := Get_Block_Property(blk_Id,Default_Where);
  New_Where := 'posaod_pk='

I have uploaded fmb of the form for more information.

Also, I have tried to make a simple version of the form using Oracle Form Builder with just one block containing the tree with slightly changed WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger and even that simple form freezed in the same way.

Before I decided to post and ask for your help, I did some searching. I have found a post describing a similar problem. In some replys to that post, it has been said that random freezes where JInitiator bug and that upgrading to a new version would help. But that was for version much older then mine.

Right now I am really clueless and any help would be much appreciated.

Best regards.
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Did you solve this issue. I've same problem in Oracle App.Server on RHEL5.3
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It has been quite a while since I left that firm and I can't remeber what was the solution. I think we solved it by installing the latest JInitiator version. If it doesn't work for you I will try to find out the solution by contacting my former colleagues.
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