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Instant DBA courses and certification [message #612888] Sun, 27 April 2014 01:37
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Mladen Gogala recently posted the following message in Google comp.databases.oracle.server newsgroup, I found it very useful for wannabe DBA so I repost it here (with Mladen's agreement, complete post in the link):

Instant DBA
This group is bombarded by offerings of training, online or otherwise,
which are supposed to turn the trainee in an instant Oracle DBA jedi
master. This phenomenon is downright dangerous and has caused an
unpleasant situation for me more than once in my life. I was working as a
DBA for many years and am now working as a consultant. I had to interview
candidates many times and more than once the interviewed candidate was
very unpleasantly surprised when I started asking questions about the
actual experience. The usual reply was "but I am an OCP".
The "tricky" question that usually revealed the "OCP" candidate was: what
do you expect to be doing as a DBA? What is the most important duty of a
DBA? I should have compiled a list of answers, some were really funny.
Enough of the war stories, this post is meant as a warning to people who
go for the offerings of the "instant DBA training"
. Being a successful DBA
requires a deep understanding of technology and a lot of experience with
doing the actual DBA work. DBA personnel comes from either a long work as
a developer or a long work as a system administrator. There is no
shortcut. OCP is not a guarantee that you will succeed. It is just a
crutch used by HR people which is not all that important after the
inflation of titles. Experience is irreplaceable and is what
distinguishes a good DBA from the cheat. DBA also works with people and
if there are holes in the understanding of the DBA job or knowledge of
the technology, the DBA will be found out and fired. Yee who are reading
this group, do not fall for this "instant DBA" craze, ruin thy career and
waste thine hard earned monies on obvious deceits like "Sunit Labs" and
alike. For goodness sake, those people do not even speak English!

Mladen Gogala
The Oracle Whisperer

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