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RAM of Services goes up after swap to Multitenant [message #687934] Wed, 26 July 2023 07:45
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Hello everybody,
I'm new to this forum so I don't really know if I'm posting this in the right place or not.
I will just try it anyway.

So I'm working for a software company where I'm the admin for the application servers of one of our clients.
They currently move their datacenter which includes the databases.
This is done from an external company. They pretty much take the database as is and move it to a different server (via RMAN Backup and Recovery).

What they've done is that premigration the DB was a single-container PDB and postmigration it now is a Multitenant PDB.

Everything seemed to be fine with the new databases since we were able to connect and our windows services connected to the database (via ezconnect).
But after a day we noticed an immense spike in RAM usage on the application servers, specifically the services from our application that connect with the database.
So we tested multiple things including a service that simply connects to the database on service start and does nothing afterwards. Even those used 500MB RAM after 12 hours (normally the stay stable at around 100MB).
We had no issue whatsover premigration with RAM usage so it was clear to us that it has something to do with the database or more specifically with the configuration of it.
The database provider analysed the problem and found nothing.

After a week of analysing we looked at the servers after the weekend and everything seems fine now without any notice, that something was changed on database site.
We can be sure that there was no application problem, so we suspect, that they found something fundamental that they would not admit to us. But since there are many databases to follow we would desperately like to know what the problem is.

That's where I would like to ask you guys Smile

Some coredetails maybe:
Application Server: Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019

Database-Server: Linux (no idea which version since they don't tell us)

Application: Delphi based batch execution (very simple tbh)

Oracle Client: 12.1 (does still have a RAM problem) and 19c instant client (works perfectly fine now)

Does anyone here have any idea what the cause might've been?

Thank you!!

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