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OID Unique Users Not Guests [message #307179] Tue, 18 March 2008 01:44
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Hi Everyone,

Ok this is probably not gonna make sense cause my english sucks even though im in australia lol.

I have setup oid and the test database and when you connect you are connected as guest.


select user from dual;



Is it possible and I hope to god it is that all the users that login are unique. Because I have a bunch of users and they all need to create tables and If they are all guest the tablenames will conflict sooner or later.

How do I go about making this happen so all the users from the OID have their own identitys. Because currently two different users can not both create a table called TABLE1.

How do I make it so two users can both create a table called TABLE1.

So it would be something like USER1.TABLE1 and USER2.TABLE1

All help is appreciated in advance.

Thanks Guys.

And for all the funny guys out there. I can't create indavidual schemas for all the users. If they can be automatically created thats fine but theirs way to many users.
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